Ticker Connection Instructions

The ticker does not need to be physically connected to your computer during setup.


  1. Plug in the micro USB cable to the power port at the back (on the far left of the ticker, when you are looking at unit from the front). Plug the other end of the cable into a power supply
  2. Wait for 2 minutes
  3. On a phone/computer, scan Wi-Fi networks and look for the Wi-Fi network “Wifi- Connect”
  4. Connect to ‘Wifi-Connect’ on your phone/computer
  5. You will be prompted to select your Wi-Fi Network name (SSID) from the dropdown menu and enter your Password
  6. The ticker will now disconnect from your phone/computer and join your network. After a few moments the price for your chosen coin will appear

If the price does not appear, take a few deep breaths and return to step 1

Advanced: Adjusting Settings over ssh

The video below illustrates the process of changing settings


If you have any issues with your ticker, need the password for ssh, or have any other questions: ping us using this form and we'll get back to you in a jiffy.

If you're interested in really getting involved in changing things then the full source code can be found at our github repository.

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